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Pre-operative Instructions

  • If same day surgery will need to have a ride home and someone to stay with you overnight
  • You MAY NOT have anything to eat or drink after midnight the evening prior to your surgery or your surgery will be CANCELLED. You are allowed to take your medication with a minimal sip of water
  • ALL aspirin and anti-inflammatory medications MUST BE stopped 7 days prior to surgery. Also any vitamins and vitamins supplements need to be stopped 7 days prior to surgery
  • If you start to feel ill or have any questions please call
  • If you have a heart condition you need to be seen by your doctor for clearance for surgery
  • A surgical assistant may be used during your surgery to provide the best possible outcome. This may or may not be a covered benefit with your insurance. Please be aware that in the instance that it is not covered by the insurance, in part or in full, the patient is ultimately responsible for any charges incurred
  • If your insurance changes at any time please call with updated information or your surgery will not be covered and you will be responsible for the entire surgical expense
  • All Post -Op Medication Refill Requests MUST BE MADE THROUGH YOUR PHARMACY. Please Notify your pharmacy AT LEAST 24 HOURS PRIOR to needing your Medication REFILLED
  • Global care covers you for 90 days following your surgery. During that 90 day time frame, you will not be assessed a charge for your office visits. X-rays, casts, injections, and splints will be billed to your insurance. Most, but not all, insurances do not require you to pay a copay, coinsurance,or deductible during your global period,but some do. If you have questions if your insurance carrier will charge you a separate copay, please contact your insurance directly to discuss this with them

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